$ART Point Universe Collection: Veils of the Subconscious Vol.1

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Collection: Veils of the Subconscious

"Veils of the Subconscious" emerges from the twilight realm between wakefulness and dreams. This collection traverses the landscapes of the mind, where whispers of the soul echo through the corridors of imagination.


Complete this Mission to receive $ART points on the LiveArt platform.



LiveArt Growth – Freemint Project #1: Barbi Ares

Collection Title: Veils of the Subconscious

Artist: Barbi Ares

Artworks: Veils of the Subconscious 



Artist bio:

Barbi Ares is an Argentinian digital fashion and character designer harnessing the power of 3D design and AI. As a visual storyteller, she works with powerful color choices, detailed textures, and subtle lighting cues combined to form her compelling and emotive signature style. Every work tells a story, and every garment is a conduit for individual expression.



First Piece: Eye of Mystery (50 $ART Points)

An eye watches from the threshold of the dream, blue lashes like feathers of a mystical bird. The skin, bathed in lilac tones, is a lunar landscape, enigmatic and profound. It is the window to the inner universe, a portal to eternal mystery.



Second Piece: Subconscious Whisper (100 $ART Points)

A delicate figure advances, her step a whisper in the wind. Her skirt unfolds like the breath of dawn, a celestial touch gracing the earth. Sleeves that billow, a tender embrace of the breeze, carry with them the whispers of the cosmos. She is an enigma in motion, a celestial dream on the runway of the subconscious.



Binance Mint Objective

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1) Open the Metamask extension and choose the Bridge option

2) Bridge any asset of your choice to BNB on the BNB Chain (you will need roughly .01 BNB for each Binance NFT you want to mint on the MVHQ Platform, but Metamask has a minimum of $10 for the bridge). Note: Gas can be very expensive to bridge from Mainnet ETH. Try bridging from gas-friendly chain, like Polygon, instead.



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