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Based Investing

BasedVC is a licensed VC fund that is disrupting venture capital by allowing retail investors to co-invest early in the most exclusive venture capital deals alongside titan funds such as a16z, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca Brands and more.


Through our proprietary investment platform, we make it simple for potential retail investors to review deal flow, invest and manage their investments.


We are partnered with over 15+ leading web3 communities such as NeoTokyo, Cyberkongz, BAYC, Project Godjira. Our past investments include: Portal, Heroes of Mavia, Shrapnel, Blockgames, Nyan Heroes,, Aethir Nodes, Midnight Society, PlaySOMO, Elixir Games, Farcana, ReadyGames, and more.



Mint Details:

Mint Supply: 2000

Mint Price: FREE

Mint Date: TBD

Powered by $BASED. Coming Q2 2024.

NFT Utilities:

- The NFTs will serve as entry-level tier Access NFTs and can be upgraded by staking $BASED tokens post-token launch to increase level of access & benefits.

- $BASED token airdrop

- Access to alpha calls & networking

- Investment opportunity in the $BASED private/public sale (TBC)



BasedVC Highlights

- $60M+ capital deployed in the past 12 months, average cheque sizes $500k - $1M.

- Over 40+ portfolio companies including Heroes of Mavia, Shrapnel, Gunzilla Games, Portal, Tatsumeeko, ChronoForge and more

- 20,000+ daily active users on the web app.

- Official Investment arm of Neo Tokyo.

- Investment partners include Cyberkongz, NeoTokyo, Citizen Capital, Ape Capital and more.

- Users can trade their allocations internally over-the-counter (OTC) and maintain liquidity.



Founding Team:

Rudy De La Cruz, Head of Strategy: Owns and operates web 2 companies valued over $100M in healthcare and business brokerage, serves as a strategic partner and advisor for multiple leading Web 2 and Web 3 companies.


Bing Wang, Head of Legal: Managing partner at, specializes in Web 3 legal matters and advises on a diverse array of projects from gaming to decentralized exchanges, with active involvement in crypto since 2013.


Hubert Krawczyk, Head of Development: Ex-Sequoia + Scale VC, built from scratch the cryptocurrency CEX with KYC and AML SaaS ecosystem, tokenized $10mln in RWA, and advises leading Web 3 brands on strategic development.


Musthafa Ahmed, Head of Investments: Advisor and board member for over 15 leading Web 3 projects, has deployed over $25M in capital, and leverages an extensive network to strategically fund portfolio companies.

Bridge to Blast

  1. 1. To bridge Mainnet ETH to Blast, visit Orbiter and bridge at least 0.0015 ETH to cover this Mission's mint cost plus gas.
  2. 2. Once your bridge transaction is confirmed, and you have confirmed that the funds are in your wallet, feel free to then complete the objectives!


Network Name: Blast


Chain ID: 81457

Currency Symbol: ETH

Block Explorer:



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Website - Twitter - Discord

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