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Why Do You Need to Apply?

Applying is important for our team to better understand and engage with you all. Approved applicants will be given Whitelist or Waitlist access to purchase a Box from Neura. The application is one of the primary ways to participate in Neura's minting. The results will be displayed on our Twitter and on this page via your status. If you're selected, the status will change to "Approved."


What is Neura?

Neura is a decentralized autonomous artist that combines human art and art of Neural Networks. Every holder will act as a node in a global net of the art of the New Era. Neura is a complete product with exclusive utility as well as its artistic and subjective value, providing holders with a unique experience, immersion, and rewards system.


How to Use Neura?

Get a Neura box and open it to choose one of five special Androids. Add a free Module to make it unique or get more to mix things up. After upgrading your Android with modules you will get your personal AI artist. Each time you order a painting, we guarantee that it will be unique and reflect the decision of the Android’s owner. All processes and mechanics work on Neura Dapp.


Who Are We Looking For?

We're searching for people who love both art and tech. If you're someone who gets excited about the blend of creativity and technology, and you see the potential in an AI-powered art world, we want you to join Neura!



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