NFT Day 2023

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A Gift for You!

Celebrate #NFTDay with Flow and Metaverse HQ by securing your exclusive commemorative NFT! On this special day only, we are giving out free-to-claim NFTs, minted on both the Ethereum and Flow blockchains.

What is NFT Day?

NFT Day is for everyone. It's an all-inclusive moment the entire Web3 community can rally around across the globe. From creators and collectors to developers and founders, NFT Day is a celebration of the entire ecosystem across every blockchain. 

Why is September 20th NFT Day?

September 20th, 2017, is the day Dapper Labs Chief Technical Officer, Dete Shirley, published ERC-721, the standard from which NFTs are built. This proposal was where the term Non-Fungible Token was first coined. Since then, NFTs have taken on a life of their own, featuring incredible sports moments, breathtaking art, passionate communities, and innovative ideas. In many ways, September 20th is the day NFTs were born, and that is why we're celebrating!

Mint Info

Claiming your 2023 NFT Day NFT cements your participation in this historic event as a part of the ever-expanding Web3 community that believes in a better future through blockchain technology. 

Claiming your commemorative NFT also enters you into a raffle to win prizes from Dapper Labs and Metaverse HQ including Crypto Kitties and other NFTs. Any potential future utility will be announced publicly prior to its release.


Thank you for celebrating #NFTDay with us. Join us next year for even more exciting events, giveaways, and activations across the globe!