PlayFi Farming Vol. 1

5,388 Participants
Mission Ended

Enter the world of PlayFi!

Claim your exclusive PlayFi Testnet NFT today! Participate in our tasks, explore The PlayFi Protocol, and become a vital member of our community.


All holders of this NFT will be rewarded upon our mainnet launch. This is our premier NFT collection on PlayChain Testnet - you can’t be any earlier than this.


Mint your NFT now and enter the new era of gaming!

Get ETH on PlayChain Albireo Testnet

  1. 1. Claim from one of these Sepolia faucets:
  2. 2. Visit and follow through the UI. Ensure you have Sepolia selected as the "From" and Albireo Testnet as the "To"
  3. 3. On the Mission Objective, click ‘Verify Holdings’
  4. 4. Complete all Mission Objectives
  5. 5. Mint PlayFi NFTs!

PlayChain Albireo Testnet RPC

Name: PlayFi Albireo Testnet


Chain ID: 1612127

Symbol: ETH

Block Explorer:


Note: Some wallets may auto-convert to USD, as this is testnet ETH, this conversion is not accurate. The gas fee can be edited in the advanced settings.

🔗 Official Links 🔗

Website - Twitter - Discord

Disclaimer: If this is a raffle-based Mission, entry does not guarantee a win. Entrants who don't complete the required tasks in their entirety will be disqualified. For mint-based raffles, minting more than one NFT will not increase the chances of winning the raffle. Winners may not be notified outside of the "You have won the raffle" banner after this Mission is complete. It may take a few days after the Mission is complete to draw raffle winners and update the banner message displaying a win or a loss. It will also take time between announcing winners and delivering the winning benefit. Be sure to keep up with the project's social media channels for important updates to best utilize your winning benefit.

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