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Millions of years ago, in the infancy of civilization, harsh environments and lurking dangers forced beings to wander from one place to another, giving rise to the NOMADS, tribes that birthed all existence. Surviving, hunting, and fighting became their way of life. 


Then, a pivotal moment altered the course of history forever. When the moon halves, it brought forth a magical black stone, marking the dawn of Nomads' evolution. From surviving to civilizing, from hunting to trading, from runes to writings, this marked the beginning of culture. 


The Primal Nomads serve as the genesis of the story, the first tribe to traverse Rune space, of how Noble Nomads become Noble, and the forebear of Ordinal beings' evolution. 


Commemorating the artistry of our ancestors through unique cave drawings, unlike anything seen before, we offer a distinctive experience within the NFT space, setting Nomads apart and celebrating the inception of the Rune Protocol.


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Quantity: 6666 

Type: pre-rune NFT 

Mint price: TBA 

Mint date: TBA 


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