Union Farming Volume 1

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Union Farming Volume 1

Union’s public testnet is live! This marks a significant milestone in modular interoperability, and now you can be part of it. Start by connecting to the app, and using Union’s zk-powered consensus verification technology to transfer assets between the Union testnet and Ethereum Sepolia (more networks coming soon for subsequent missions).


By participating in the testnet, you’re battle-testing the Union network by helping to verify that Union’s ZK circuits operate successfully in production environments for many users. This helps to ensure the network’s robustness and reliability ahead of the mainnet launch. Complete the missions, and be on the lookout for more soon. 


About Union

Union is the modular interoperability network on a mission to connect every blockchain, without compromising on security, efficiency, decentralization, or speed. Union will connect the next generation of 1,000 blockchains, unlocking new advances in blockchain interoperability and UX for crypto applications across every ecosystem.


Union uses consensus verification to connect blockchains directly, without need for centralized bridges or “trust me bro” multisigs. That means secure, censorship-resistant connection to any ecosystem, no trust required. Plus, it’s permissionless—any chain can 


Then, zero-knowledge circuits are leveraged to reduce the processing requirements for each blockchain’s validators, which means interoperability with Union is both high speed and low cost for every chain.

Union supports all types of blockchains by integrating with multiple execution environments and languages such as Solidity, Rust, and Move (coming soon). Plus, it’s permissionless, so there’s no waiting for a centralized operator.


That’s why Union is modular interoperability without compromise. Explore the Union public testnet, and help us build the endgame of interoperability. Join the Union.


Get Sepolia ETH

Claim ETH from one of these Sepolia faucets:


To see the ETH in your wallet, switch to the Sepolia ETH test network. In Metamask, click the network switcher in the upper left, enable the "Show Test Networks" switch, and choose Sepolia.

Disclaimer: If this is a raffle-based Mission, entry does not guarantee a win. Entrants who don't complete the required tasks in their entirety will be disqualified. For mint-based raffles, minting more than one NFT will not increase the chances of winning the raffle. Winners may not be notified outside of the "You have won the raffle" banner after this Mission is complete. It may take a few days after the Mission is complete to draw raffle winners and update the banner message displaying a win or a loss. It will also take time between announcing winners and delivering the winning benefit. Be sure to keep up with the project's social media channels for important updates to best utilize your winning benefit.

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